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The Finest Mediterranean, Middle Eastern Food & Rotisserie Chicken near Glendale and Silver Lake cities. Delicious and Healthy Food is Our Specialty. Delivery available.

Chef's Recommendations

Roasted Chicken Wrap

Served with Roasted Chicken Strips Wrapped in...

Beef Shawerma Wrap

Served with Marinated Beef Shawerma Strips...

Chicken Shawerma Wrap

Marinated Chicken Shawerma Strips Wrapped in Pita...

Location and hours of operation

Mon-Fri 10 -10 Sat-Sun 10 -10

Customer Testimonials


Extremely juicy flavor of chicken tonight with p.bread.  pleanty of parking.

i drove from atwater village to burbank and went to the store to ralphs and got home 20 mins later and left the food out while i made the sides and still the chicken was extremely juicy.

bought a whole chicken.

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