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The Finest Mediterranean, Middle Eastern Food & Rotisserie Chicken near Glendale and Silver Lake cities. Delicious and Healthy Food is Our Specialty. Delivery available.

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Package 4

2 Whole Chicken 16 oz hummus 16 oz yogurt &...

Package 3

1 Whole Chicken 8 oz yogurt & cucumber 8 oz...

Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad

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Mon-Fri 10 -10 Sat-Sun 10 -10

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Extremely juicy flavor of chicken tonight with p.bread.  pleanty of parking.

i drove from atwater village to burbank and went to the store to ralphs and got home 20 mins later and left the food out while i made the sides and still the chicken was extremely juicy.

bought a whole chicken.

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