Is Vegan Kebab a Healthy Meal to Lose Weight?

Vegan kebab is a healthy dish and it is perfect for those who are watching their diet or losing weight. It is a Mediterranean meal so you do not have to worry about your waistline. 

A lot of you may wonder whether it is an expensive meal. Well, we cannot blame you for thinking that way considering that many restaurants serve healthy, vegan meals while charging their customers an exorbitantly high price. 

Budget-Friendly Vegan Kebab

Many of our first-time customers are surprised to see that the prices of our healthy meals at Sepan Chicken are affordable. We believe that anyone can order a healthy meal without having to spend more. 

When you order this kebab, you will only spend around $9.99. That’s for a full meal. It is a satisfying meal with rice, hummus, pickles, lettuce salad, and pita bread. Order this from other restaurants and they will probably charge you no less than $15. 

Apart from the budget-friendly meals that we serve, we also ensure that our meals are tasty. What we offer here is delicious meals for vegans and meat-eaters. 

Now, what if you do not like kebab? Well, when you browse our shop, you can find that we do not only serve these kebabs but we also serve other healthy dishes for vegans. 

You can try our vegan hummus. It is a side dish that can satisfactorily fill your stomach. We serve it with veggie oil, garlic, and garbanzo beans. We also add Aleppo pepper. You can perfect it as a snack or as a vegan side dish. 

Vegan Kebab

What is Hummus

Hummus is a popular dish in the Middle East. It is a versatile food that is rich in nutrients and high in health benefits. 

Its protein content is high enough that a 100-gram serving of hummus will give you around 8 grams of protein. If you are following a vegan diet, it can be used as your protein source, since it is a plant-based protein. Furthermore, hummus is also rich in B vitamins, phosphorus, iron, and folate. They are all essential for your vegan diet. 

Our vegan hummus at Sepan Chicken is rich in ingredients that are proven to fight inflammation. Hummus, per se, is packed with ingredients that can prevent chronic inflammation.

Apart from its high protein content, hummus is also high in fiber that aids in your digestion. Whether you choose our vegan hummus or vegan kebab, what you get is a healthy dish that will not disrupt your diet. 

Sepan Chicken serves a lot of delicious dishes that are perfect for those who are maintaining their weight or looking to lose some. It is a Mediterranean restaurant that you can visit without having to spend a lot of money. 

If you want a healthy experience while dining out, make a reservation today for our Mediterranean restaurant at Sepan Chicken and order vegan kebab or hummus. Call us at (323) 669-0616 if you wish to have it delivered to your doorstep.

Best Mediterranean Food in Los Angeles for a Healthy Dining Session

The Mediterranean is home to delicious, healthy dishes. And if you wish to be healthy, experts recommend opting for Mediterranean food options. Unfortunately, not all of us have the time to prepare for this type of food. We can help you with that. The best Mediterranean food in Los Angeles is found at Sepan Chicken. 

Sugar is one of the reasons there is an increasing number of people who are getting obese. When you focus on eating only healthy options, you can avoid obesity and other diseases. 

The Best Mediterranean Food in Los Angeles for Your Health

At Sepan Chicken, we only serve the typical Mediterranean diet. That is, we include lots of veggies, fruits and healthy meat options on your plate. Our chef only adds a moderate amount of protein, fats, and carbs. 

The combination of those elements will give you a lot of health benefits but without destroying your monthly food budget. You may wonder about the kind of fat that we add to our dishes. Do not worry as our chef knows how fat is vital in our diet but we only include healthy fats that are good for our health. 

In that case, you can eat our dishes as often as you want. If you have no time to visit our physical location, you can call us up or place your order online. We will bring our Mediterranean options to your table at home. 

best Mediterranean food in Los Angeles

Choose a Healthy Diet 

Eating an unhealthy diet will only make you feel weak. One of the reasons many people now are obese is that they choose processed foods when they dine in a restaurant. However, if they only pick our establishment, they will have a healthy food option on their plate. There is no need to worry about their diet. We only serve healthy, delicious meals that will not make you fat. 

We also serve vegetarian options to our diners who avoid eating meat. And if you are trying to eat less meat, our menu can help you out. Our team here knows that people do not want to eat out because they cannot find healthy meals. But they also do not have time to prepare healthy food at home. What choice do they have? 

Mediterranean food at Sepan Chicken. Now, you may think about the prices we have for our healthy meals. Typically, when you go to a restaurant that serves healthy dishes, they will charge you with exorbitant price tags. But not with us. Our rates are affordable, although not the cheapest in town.

For that reason, many of our clients are coming here, eating healthy food, and not minding their wallets. The reason for this is that our healthy meals will not ruin the size of your wallet or budget. You can come here at any time you want during business hours and we can serve the healthiest meals you can ever imagine. 

Try our best Mediterranean food in Los Angeles today and we guarantee you that you will not go back to your favorite restaurant again. For reservations, call us at (323) 669-0616.

Where to Find the Best Beef Shawarma

The best beef shawarma will make your mouth water. It is a delicious meat treat that originated in the Middle East. Besides beef shawarma, you may try making it with lamb, chicken or turkey. You can even mix it with different meats. 

The Place to Go To Find Best Beef Shawarma

Here at Sepan Chicken, you will find different types of shawarma and other delicious Mediterranean dishes. Our shawarma is one of the best in the city because we marinate it for hours to give it an incomparable succulence. 

The marinades contain a lot of spices and flavorings. That’s why when our customers grab a bite here, most of them would try our shawarma. Thus, if you are a shawarma fan, make sure to head over to our place in Glendale Boulevard. We are open Mondays to Sundays, from 10 am to 10 pm. If you have no time to visit our location though, you may order our food online. 

Our restaurant caters to different types of people. And if you are a vegetarian, we have various options as well. You can eat almost anything here. Our shawarma, be it beef or chicken, is one of the tastiest foods you can have.

Although we do offer a smorgasbord of delights, most of our customers are opting for our beef shawarma. We serve it with spits dripping with melting fat. The beef is crispy and tender. It also comes with some toppings that you will surely enjoy. With our offer, you will surely melt each time you have a bite of our savory beef or chicken shawarma. 

As stated earlier, we do have a lot of offers when you visit our location. There are plenty of items on your menu. Each one is worth trying. Then again, you can never go wrong with our beef shawarma. It is an iconic dish in Glendale, California. 

best beef shawarma

Healthy Shawarma 

When you choose a healthy dish in a restaurant, you will be overwhelmed with the dish’s price tag. But not in our place. Our food options here are affordable in a way that you do not have to break your budget just to eat healthy food. 

The dishes that you find here will surely fill your stomach without the unhealthy ingredients that you typically find in some restaurants. Thus, you will not break your healthy-eating habits when you choose our place to dine with your family and friends. 

Our healthy meals are not always salad. Rather, we offer a mixture of protein, carbs, and fats on your plate. Our chef adds fiber that will surely fill your stomach. And of course, you can eat some veggies that are part of every menu. 

The beef shawarma that we have here is a balanced meal. In that case, you do not have to add another plate. One order is already enough to help you feel satisfied. 

When you order the best beef shawarma at Sepan Chicken, you will never have to worry about your diet. Plus, there is no need to spend more as we only offer affordable dishes. Try our food options at Sepan Chicken or make a reservation in our restaurant by calling (323) 669-0616.

Where is Chicken Shawarma Plate From?

Chicken shawarma plate is a Middle Eastern dish. It is known for its garlicky meat. Some restaurants offer it with savory yogurt sauce. Regardless of whether or not the shawarma has yogurt sauce, it is a type of dish that you can share with your whole family. 

Chicken Shawarma Plate That Makes Your Mouth Water 

At Sepan Chicken, our menu is full of healthy dishes that do not break the bank. Yes, our dishes are not only delightful and savory but they are also budget-friendly. 

Our team understands that a lot of people are not eating a good, healthy meal because of the price. When you visit our restaurant, you will be surprised to know that our rates are too affordable while our dishes are mouth-watering. 

Chicken Shawarma Plate

In that case, there is no need to worry about the size of your wallet when you dine with us or your order our dishes online. 

Our tempting dishes will fill your stomach without those unhealthy components that you can find in some restaurant dishes. You can find that our chicken shawarma is not only delicious but also fit your healthy-eating habits. 

We serve chicken shawarma that has been marinated well. It is served with hummus. Then, we put the other ingredients in a perfectly organized plate. You may also choose our juicy lamb chops with rice and red onions. There are many options to choose from when you visit our restaurant or order our dishes online. 

Healthy Meal that is Not Salad

When you think of a healthy meal, you may automatically consider salad and more salad. But it is not always like that. A healthy meal means that it contains a great mixture of protein, fats, and carbs. The dishes that we serve at Sepan Chicken consist of filling fiber and some veggies. Each dish has the right amount of protein, fats, and carbs. 

Our dishes here are a billion times more appealing than just a lettuce salad. We serve the dish with some fruits and vegetables. But we make sure that it contains enough protein to fill you up. 

The chicken shawarma that we offer is a balanced meal already. It beats your burger and fries that you can find in some restaurants. One order is a reasonable meal. 

Because of our healthy dishes, there is no need to worry about your diet. When you order or visit our restaurant to dine, it is a win-win situation for your body and wallet. Our dishes are not only filling and healthy but they are also affordable. 

We only serve Mediterranean food that promotes healthy eating. Of course, moderation is still the key here. That’s why our dishes are served at the right amount so you will not overeat. The dishes are not super fatty, even though we serve beef and chicken. 

If you are craving for the juiciest chicken shawarma, make sure to visit us in our Glendale location. But if you do not have time to drive to our restaurant, you can just call us to place your order. Please dial (323) 669-0616

Juiciest Chicken Kebab Near Me

Not sure where to find the juiciest chicken kebab near me? If you live in Glendale, you can easily order online for juicy chicken kebab from Sepan Chicken.

Chicken Kebab Near Me to Order this Real Crowd Pleaser Dish 

Juicy kebabs are a real crowd-pleaser. The soft texture can easily make a person fall in love with this dish. It is one of the most popular grills in the world. You must have been craving for them every day. That’s why we enable our online ordering system so you can easily place your order at any time. 

Chicken Kebab Near Me

At Sepan Chicken, we only serve healthy recipes, like a chicken kebab. Our kebab is savory and tasty. Although you can always order our dishes online, you may visit our location in Glendale to dine with your family and friends. Whether it is a special occasion or just a dinner with your close friends, our Sepan Chicken restaurant will serve you great meals. 

Our healthy dishes are not something that would put a hole in your wallet. The prices of our dishes are low so our clients will not have a hard time visiting us. In that case, our dishes are not only easy on your wallet but they are also easy on your waistline. 

Can I Just Cook It At Home 

You can try cooking chicken kebab at home. It is possible by brining the chicken first. It only takes 15 minutes to brine the chicken. Brining is the key to losing those juices and preventing the chicken to dry out. 

Bringing chicken is easy. Simply soak the chicken in a mixture of warm water and salt. You may leave it for 15 minutes or overnight. After that, rinse the chicken with cold water. Pat it dry before seasoning. Use olive oil to drizzle the chicken. Sprinkle with desired seasonings. Once it is done, prepare the grill. Make sure that the grill is in medium-high heat. Cook it for up to 14 minutes or until the chicken is golden brown. 

It is best to eat kebabs while they are warm, juicy and nice. 

But if you do not have to prepare chicken kebab for your family or yourself, you can just go to Sepan Chicken in Glendale or order our juiciest kebab online. In Glendale, we are known to offer great chicken dishes. 

However, if you are not into eating chicken, you can browse our other offers. We have expanded our menu so we can offer our clients more food options to choose from. One of the dishes you can order is falafel. 

Our falafel is delicious and you can eat it in a wrap or by itself. There is no right amount of falafel to eat. When you visit our location and eat our falafel, you will never get enough of it.

We understand that our customers are somehow busy enough that they do not have time to visit our location. That’s why we offer our online ordering system to bring you our juiciest chicken kebab. To contact us for chicken kebab near me, please dial (323) 669-0616