What Food to Pair Well with Chicken Kebab?

If you are the kind of person who does not want to give up red meat, then serving chicken kebab can help you. At Sepan Chicken, we serve lean cut chicken.

Low-Fat Chicken Kebab at Sepan Chicken 

The best thing about this dish is that you can eat a lot of it without feeling guilty about cheating on your diet. We emphasize on service nutrient-rich dish with our kebab. 

You can also order a salad. It pairs well with chicken kebab. A simple green salad with lots of vegetables and dressing can go well with the said dish. This salad will complement the kabobs. 

In our chicken kebab plate, you will find marinated chicken breast with rice, hummus, lettuce, and roasted tomato, among others. 

Chicken Kebab

But is chicken kebab healthy? 

You might be wondering that, too. To answer it briefly, yes, it is a healthier option. The reason for this is that the chicken is not deep-fried. Plus, it is served with green salads. If you are watching your diet, chicken kebab is a wonderful option. It makes you full for a lot longer because of the protein content in it. The dish is also rich in fibers because of lettuce, hummus, and roasted tomatoes. 

Furthermore, the dressings that we serve are low in fats. However, you can always say no to dressings. You can tell our staff not to add any dressing to your kebab. And we are fine with that.  A serving can be around 500 calories. The composition is not awful and it is not nutritionally bad. It is also a great dish for dinner. Chicken kebab is healthier than your fried chips or burgers. With kebab, you cannot easily overeat, unlike those other fast food options. 

For your side orders, you can have yogurt and cucumber. When you pair it with your kebab with yogurt and cucumber, you can have a high-fiber dish.  Yogurt is rich in fiber, protein, and calcium. However, you may have to skip it if you are lactose intolerant. But if you are a vegan, you can safely have yogurt in your diet. We only serve low-fat yogurt. With that in mind, you can have a healthy meal with your family. 

Your kids will surely love chicken kebab with yogurt as your side dish. But you can have other options when you visit Sepan Chicken today. Or call us at (323) 669-0616

The Best Food in Glendale Found at Sepan Chicken

Are you looking to find the best food in Glendale? If you are fond of eating shawarma or kebab, then you can just order online and have the best food in Glendale delivered to your home. 

Order Best Food in Glendale 

You can argue all you want but no one can beat the taste of kebab and shawarma. Millions of kebabs and shawarmas are sold each day. That is an impressive number. 

But that’s only in the US. In the UK, for instance, millions of kebabs are sold per day while in Germany, 2.2 million kebabs are eaten a day. 

But what if you are a vegetarian? Well, if you are following a strict vegetarian diet, then you cannot have kebabs or shawarmas delivered to your doorstep. 

the Best Food in Glendale

However, at Sepan Chicken, we offer several dishes exclusively for vegetarians. For instance, you can order a Vegan Falafel Plate. It consists of falafel with hummus, lettuce, salad, tahini, pickles, and pita bread. 

Another option is the Tabbouleh Salad. It is served with mint, parsley, green onions with lemon. Plus, it contains wheat, veggie oil, and sliced tomatoes. 

Is Shawarma Healthy? 

One of the food options that we serve here at Sepan Chicken is shawarma. If you are watching your diet, you might want to know if it is healthy food, like kebab? 

Many considered shawarma as the best food because it is high in vital nutrients. It is rich in vitamin A. It plays a vital role in boosting your immune system. It also promotes cell growth. 

It is also a great source of vitamin B6. This type of vitamin can help in maintaining a healthy body as it can protect your immune system while supporting your brain function. 

Can you eat it after work out? 

Yes, you can. Our chicken shawarma is healthy. It is also safe to eat for those who are on a diet. Just a serving of it will make you feel full for longer. It means that you will not overeat. 

We only use lean meat to give this meal less fat. It is cooked under the grill. We do not use too salty ingredients. Our shawarma is made from the freshest ingredients. We also guarantee that we prefer organic ingredients, if possible. 

At Sepan Chicken, you can order different variations of kebabs and shawarma. There is no need to visit our location in Glendale if you do not want to. We can process the order online and have it delivered to your doorstep within 60 minutes. 

We provide a range of healthy shawarma and keys to satisfy your appetite. Our goal here is to give you an excellent delivery experience. Apart from our shawarmas and kebab, you can also order our salads.

And if you need to feed a lot of people, you can order our different party specials. For example, our package 1 is good for up to five people. The plate consists of tabbouleh, dolma, rice, yogurt, and cucumber, as well as chicken breast kabab. 

For more information about the best food in Glendale at Sepan Chicken, please call us at (323) 669-0616. 

A Falafel Wrap to Fall For

The name of our restaurant is Sepan Chicken. We’re proud of that name. It fits. We make great chicken. People have loved our chicken for several years, and will continue to for several more. Entire generations have come by here and had our chicken. However, we have a lot more than just chicken for sale. We’re been expanding our menu, so that we can offer more people more of the food that they love. That’s where our falafel fits in. If you’ve ever had a falafel before, then you know how delicious they can be. If you haven’t, why are you reading a blog? You need to eat falafel, whether by itself or in a falafel wrap, pronto. 

A Falafel Wrap

The Right Amount of Falafel 

Ask someone what the proper amount of falafel is, and you’ll get all different kinds of answers. Basically everyone has what’s the right amount of falafel for them. Some will say that the balls should be small, while others say that they should be as large as possible. What most people will tell you, however, is that when they go out to get falafel, they never get enough of it. We understand that, as we never liked that either. In fact, that’s why we make sure that when you order our falafel, you get as much falafel as possible. 

Falafel the Right Way 

When you order our falafel plate, you get five pieces of falafel. To be clear, these are five genuine pieces of falafel. They’re sizable. They’re large. If you go on our site and look at the pictures, you can get some sort of idea as to what size they are. They practically overwhelm everything else on the plate. Our falafel plate gives you five falafels that are big enough to be savored, to be enjoyed. This falafel to fill you up. This is the kind of falafel that most people in our facility, frankly, don’t finish in one sitting. There’s nothing wrong whatsoever with getting a to-go box and eating falafel tomorrow for lunch or dinner. This falafel tastes just as good then as it does now. 

A Falafel Wrap with Everything 

Too many other places, when you order a wrap of falafel, they give you, well, just falafel. That means you’ll get their falafel (whatever that is) and pretty much nothing else. We don’t believe that just the presence of falafel, and the presence of some kind of pita bread, do not a wrap make. They have to be wrapped up with something else. That’s why we make sure that our wraps are filling, and properly filled up with lots of lettuce, tomatoes and tahini sauce. That way, you’re getting a real wrap, the kind of filling wrap that constitutes an entire meal all by itself. 

A Great Vegan Dish 

Most people don’t even realize that falafel is vegan. When you get our falafel, it’s healthy, delicious and vegan. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice taste for some delicious. You can order it as well as everything else we have through our site or by calling (323) 669-0616. 

What You Get with the Right Vegan Kebab

Eating healthy isn’t easy. Eating vegan is even harder. With veganism, it can be difficult to find: something that’s actually vegan, something that’s actually filling, and something that actually tastes good. Finding something that’s all three of those things can feel like a miracle. That might be a little strong for what our vegan kebab is, but we’ll absolutely take the compliment. It’s just one of the many great dishes that we have available at Sepan Chicken. Yes, even though the word “Chicken” is in our name, we have some great vegan dishes. 

Vegan Kebab = Yum on a Stick 

Just because something is vegan, that doesn’t mean it lacks great taste. Here at Sepan Chicken, it’s quite the opposite. Everything we offer is delicious, and our vegan customers tell us that our vegan dishes are especially so. The kebab that’s vegan includes mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, peppers and more. Those are just a few of the incredible veggies on this kebab. You get enough of them so that the entire dish is filling, too. 

Vegan Kebab

Vegan Sides 

We understand that when you want a vegan dish, you don’t want to be given a bunch of vegan sides. So many of the vegans we serve have told us how they’re grateful for sides that are genuinely vegan, too. Too many times they would go to some other location and get vegan sides that were like, sausage, bacon, chicken and more. While we have plenty of great sides, we make sure that our vegan dishes come with vegan sides. That means that you’ll get rice, hummus, lettuce salad, pickles and pita bread as well. You can make these vegan dishes truly your own. 

Vegan for Non-Vegans 

You don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy this vegan dish. In fact, a majority of the people that eat these vegan dishes aren’t vegan in the slightest. Often, they’re just folks who want to get a healthy meal at a good price. You don’t have to be on any kind of restrictive diet for that. These dishes allow you to eat healthy while still, well, really eating. The complaints that you might hear about vegan dishes at other locations: that they’re too small, with tiny portions that leave you unfulfilled, are not concerns at Sepan Chicken. 

More than Just kebab

We know that just because you’re eating vegan or looking for a healthy dish, you might not specifically be looking for a kebab . That’s why we have plenty of other vegan dishes available, too. For example, our vegan hummus is a side that can absolutely fill you up, too. It’s served with garlic, tahini veggie oil, aleppo pepper and garbanzo beans. Perfect for a snack or a great vegan side dish. Another popular vegan option is our falafel plate. You get five scrumptious pieces of falafel. It’s perfectly acceptable to take some home with you. When you’re ready to eat healthy, eat vegan, and eat something delicious, you can order at our site or by calling . 

Shish Kebab: You Don’t Know Good Until You Try Ours

Marinated beef, red onions, roasted tomatoes and more. All of it with the right spicy touch, and only the best condiments and vegetables. Can you perceive the smell of it? Can you taste it? Prepared with heart and great techniques. You haven’t tasted a good Shish Kebab until you try ours. We invite you to come here at Sepan Chicken. Our mediterranean place and enjoy any of our dishes. We assure you more than 20 options to delight your palate. One better than the other. And all of them are so great you won’t even be able to decide which one is the best!

Shish Kebab

We know people often worry about how much they can spend on food outside. But we can tell you something. Our so delightful dishes are affordable, budget-friendly. We know what it is like wanting to eat a good meal and being afraid of spending too much at it. Luckily, all you have to worry about with us is if you want to eat at our place with the best of attention, or in the comfort of your home.

Totally Tempting Dishes at Our Place Besides Shish Kebab

Would you like to eat with us? We will gladly give you such good attention you’ll feel like a VIP. Don’t worry about spending too much time at our restaurant. Our staff is here to help and provide you with only the most succulent dishes. Shish Kebab is only one of our options for you. But what do you think about chicken shawarmas? The marinated chicken accompanied with hummus and other beautifully harmonized ingredients. Or maybe some mouth-watering, juicy lamb chops that come with rice, red onions and more. There are many options for you to pick, so don’t worry about variety. That is especially what we have for you.

Healthy Experience

We know that nowadays it’s very common to worry about one’s figure. So this is why we provide you with actually a win-win situation. See, our dishes not only are extravagant and exquisite. They also are very healthy for you. We won’t give you super fatty food. It’s all about the mediterranean style. Come and visit us to get our luscious, flavoursome dishes to enchant your palate. We want to delight all of your senses. But especially, we want to make you happy.

Our Place or Yours?

It’s a great experience when eating outside most of the time. When eating here at Sepan Chicken, it’s going to be a whole new level for you. Not only because you will love our food, but also you will love our attention and installations. But if you want to eat at the ease and comfort of your home, we won’t take that from you. You can always call to get our delicious dishes right at your door. With them, you can always find a little bit of our middle-east charm and love.

The invitation is always up for you. Come to our place or call us now to eat a great Shish Kebab, or any dish you’d like to try! Order now at: (323) 669-0616