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A Falafel Wrap to Fall For

The name of our restaurant is Sepan Chicken. We’re proud of that name. It fits. We make great chicken. People have loved our chicken for several years, and will continue to for several more. Entire generations have come by here and had our chicken. However, we have a lot more than just chicken for sale. We’re been expanding our menu, so that we can offer more people more of the food that they love. That’s where our falafel fits in. If you’ve ever had a falafel before, then you know how delicious they can be. If you haven’t, why are you reading a blog? You need to eat falafel, whether by itself or in a falafel wrap, pronto. 

A Falafel Wrap

The Right Amount of Falafel 

Ask someone what the proper amount of falafel is, and you’ll get all different kinds of answers. Basically everyone has what’s the right amount of falafel for them. Some will say that the balls should be small, while others say that they should be as large as possible. What most people will tell you, however, is that when they go out to get falafel, they never get enough of it. We understand that, as we never liked that either. In fact, that’s why we make sure that when you order our falafel, you get as much falafel as possible. 

Falafel the Right Way 

When you order our falafel plate, you get five pieces of falafel. To be clear, these are five genuine pieces of falafel. They’re sizable. They’re large. If you go on our site and look at the pictures, you can get some sort of idea as to what size they are. They practically overwhelm everything else on the plate. Our falafel plate gives you five falafels that are big enough to be savored, to be enjoyed. This falafel to fill you up. This is the kind of falafel that most people in our facility, frankly, don’t finish in one sitting. There’s nothing wrong whatsoever with getting a to-go box and eating falafel tomorrow for lunch or dinner. This falafel tastes just as good then as it does now. 

A Falafel Wrap with Everything 

Too many other places, when you order a wrap of falafel, they give you, well, just falafel. That means you’ll get their falafel (whatever that is) and pretty much nothing else. We don’t believe that just the presence of falafel, and the presence of some kind of pita bread, do not a wrap make. They have to be wrapped up with something else. That’s why we make sure that our wraps are filling, and properly filled up with lots of lettuce, tomatoes and tahini sauce. That way, you’re getting a real wrap, the kind of filling wrap that constitutes an entire meal all by itself. 

A Great Vegan Dish 

Most people don’t even realize that falafel is vegan. When you get our falafel, it’s healthy, delicious and vegan. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice taste for some delicious. You can order it as well as everything else we have through our site or by calling (323) 669-0616. 

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