Food is literally about family for us at Sepan Chicken. When we first arrived in what is now Atwater Village, we saw many establishments offering Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food, and some of them were quite good. Still, none of them were providing the kind of authentic Middle Eastern Food that we were used to making in our own kitchens. Nothing fulfilled the longing for the smells, textures, and tastes that we had from growing up with our families’ recipes. On some level, that’s where Sepan Chicken came from: we wanted to serve people the best Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine in Glendale. Just like we were lucky enough to enjoy our entire lives. That is why we decided to do something about it.

Today, we’re able to offer so much more than we ever could before. When you order from Sepan Chicken, we have dishes beyond our famous rotisserie chicken: beef shawarma, vegan dishes, and other favorites. Of course, there are plenty of chicken wraps, kebabs, falafel and more. We also offer catering services too because the biggest events in our lives all involve food. Sepan Chicken – always available for delivery and curbside pickup. Let us share our family’s food with you and yours.

Sepan Chicken is a family-owned Meditteranean and Middle Eastern restaurant; serving the finest cuisine in the Atwater Village neighborhood of Glendale, California. We’ve been providing culinary comfort to our community for more than a decade. And, because we live here too, we know how important it is to offer exceptionally great food that will make you feel like coming back again and again. That’s our story and our story is the reason we won’t deliver anything less than the most delicious meal you’ve ever had; always made with the freshest local produce and ingredients. Because it’s crucial to us to meet our toughest critic’s standard: our mom’s!