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Beef Shawarma Can Be Your On-the-Go Meal

Beef Shawarma may be the ideal on-the-go meal. It offers a sumptuous quick treat with thinly sliced beef wrapped in pita bread. It has some veggies and sauce to give you a satisfying meal. 

Order Beef Shawarma Online 

If you are watching your diet, you may think that making this meal at home is the best way to go. However, if you do not have time to prepare, then you can just order online. 

Worried about the cost? Ordering online may be expensive for some. But, at Sepan Chicken, we make sure that our customers will not only enjoy our food but they also get to enjoy the price. Our meals are budget-friendly. 

Our dishes are like homemade meals. We do not add all kinds of fattening ingredients or anything like that. Rather, we only serve Mediterranean style food, like beef and chicken shawarma. 

The shawarma here is cooked with spice-marinated meats. No wonder it is called a life’s great pleasure. We add spice blends to give it more spice and flavor. 

Our shawarma is grilled. If you are trying to lose weight, then this dish can be the right option for you. 

We use some dark meat to ensure that the dish will taste great. This meal goes great with any sauce that you want at home. 

It boosts your protein intake. You can order a lot of servings online and save the other batches in your fridge. You can just reheat them before serving. The best thing here is that it still tastes great after several days. 

Beef Shawarma

What If You Are a Vegan? 

If you are a vegan, then this shawarma might be off the table. However, we have other options available to you. We serve vegan kebab. Although it is a vegan kebab, it does not mean that it has a blunt taste. 

Here at Sepan Chicken, we offer delicious, vegan dishes. The vegan kebab, for example, comes with tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, mushrooms and more. And if you want some sides, you can choose vegan sides, as well, that do not look like bacon or sausage. 

Want to Eat Outside 

Eating out with your family and friends can be fun. If you do not want to order online but wish to consume your shawarma in our restaurant, you can do so. At Sepan Chicken, we prepare our food using the best, freshest ingredients. 

The beef that we serve is guaranteed to be juicy and tender. If you want a tasty shawarma, come to our restaurant in Glendale. 

Beef Shawarma for Your Party 

If you are having a party at home or in your office, you may call us to serve your guests with the best Mediterranean food. We can guarantee you that they will love our shawarma and other food options that you can order from us. 

Call us today to order our tasty, healthy beef shawarma and other vegan dishes at (323) 669-0616.

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