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Best Falafel in Glendale CA

Best Falafel in Glendale CA

Best Falafel in Glendale CA

There is no question that the best falafel in Glendale is made by Sepan Chicken on Glendale Boulevard. In addition to their mouth watering rotisserie chicken made fresh daily, falafel is another specialty made fresh daily by Sepan Chicken.

The savory falafel at Sepan Chicken is quite easily the best falafel in Glendale. The delicious deep fried balls are succulent and tasty. You can order your falafel on a plate, or in a pita bread wrap served with lettuce, tomatoes, and tahini sauce. The falafel is a staple in middle eastern cuisine, and at Sepan Chicken you can have the fine dining experience at reasonable prices.

The best falafel in Glendale can be delivered right to your door with Sepan Chicken’s delivery service, which is absolutely free within 5 miles of their location on Glendale Boulevard. To complete your middle eastern cuisine experience, order a side of salad, roasted vegetables, or garlic sauce and you have yourself a fresh gourmet meal!

In addition to being delicious and healthy, falafel is an amazing substitute for meat for vegetarians and vegans looking for savory middle eastern cuisine in Glendale. Contact Sepan Chicken today at (323) 669-0616 to experience the best falafel in Glendale!

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