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Best Food in Glendale Promotes Gut Health

The best food in Glendale includes a lot of fruits and vegetables. And if you are eating a Mediterranean diet, then it will not be difficult for you to dine out with your friends without having to ruin your diet. At Sepan Chicken, we serve healthy food options, particularly the options that promote a healthy gut. 

Is the Best Food in Glendale Delicious? 

One of the common issues of many individuals who have not tried the Mediterranean diet yet is that they tend to assume the food bland or uninteresting. However, our food here is mixed with fruits and vegetables and meat marinated to ensure that it fits your palate. For instance, our chicken kebab plate consists of marinated chicken breast. It is served roasted tomato, lettuce salad, pita bread, and red onions. 

best food in Glendale

Furthermore, the serving is not scanty. Every serving will surely satisfy your appetite and stomach. We provide generous service at an affordable rate. If you wish to eat beef and chicken, you may opt for our combo kebab plate. It includes chicken breast and beef. All of them have been marinated. Then, they are served with rice, pepper, pickles, hummus, and pita bread. 

Want Some Hummus? 

We all know how healthy hummus is. It is a popular Middle Eastern dip and spread. It is packed with nutrients and it promotes a healthy gut. Hummus is super nutritional as it is rich in plant-based protein. Thus, many vegans come to Sepan Chicken just to order our delicious hummus. Our hummus is high in healthy ingredients that can prevent chronic inflammation and, since it is also high in fiber, it encourages a healthy digestive tract. It feeds your good bacteria, which is a great source of dietary fiber that can enhance digestive health. By regularly eating it, you can keep your bowel movement regular. It softens and adds bulk to your stool. 


If you are into eating chicken, though, you may order a whole roasted chicken with pita bread and garlic sauce. It is plenty of food for one person. In fact, some people think that the serving is valid for two people because the serving is more than generous. 


You may also choose a half chicken plate. It is still served with roasted half chicken and served with garlic sauce, pita bread and hummus. Another best food you can order at Sepan Chicken is the beef combo plate. On a plate, you can find marinated beef and lule. It is also served with red onions, hummus, lettuce salad, and pita bread. But if you want to go full vegan, you can choose our veggie kebab plate. It is served with hummus, lettuce salad, pita bread, and pickles. The price of each meal here does not go more than $11. In that case, you do not need to spend more just to eat healthy food. All of our meals here are served with vegetables, which are great for gut bacteria. To start ordering our best food in Glendale, please give us a call at (323) 669-0616

Mediterranean Food in Glendale for Your Own Longevity

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