Sepan Chicken’s Mediterranean Food in Glendale is Healthy and Low Cost

Sepan Chicken is just one of the few restaurants that serve Mediterranean food in Glendale at a cheaper price. Mediterranean food, per se, is expensive if you go to some restaurants. 

It doesn’t have to be that way when you dine with us. We believe that healthy food must be offered at a more reasonable rate. After all, we want our customers to be happy and healthy. We don’t want them to feel remorse after seeing their bill. 


The Healthy Mediterranean Food in Glendale 

Typical Mediterranean food includes fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, brown rice, and other less processed products. It also includes fish, white meat, and a bit of dairy. These are the foods we serve here in our restaurant. 

The combination of these elements that bring Mediterranean food a lot of health benefits. However, the main key here is adding healthy fats. We use a lot of olive oil in our meals. This type of oil is monounsaturated fat. 

Mediterranean food in Glendale

Why You Must Try Mediterranean Food? 

It has shown to lower the risk of high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and high cholesterol. They are all risk factors for developing heart disease. Following this type of diet may help you live a longer life. And most of all, you won’t worry about your waistline. 

We make our meals as affordable as possible because we want you to be as healthy as possible. By dining in our restaurant, you will realize that eating healthy foods is okay. It doesn’t have to hurt your budget. 

Somehow, you may try to avoid unhealthy, processed foods.


Some people would have the notion to just add olive oil and other healthy oils in their diet to make them healthy, but that’s not how it works. You can’t just add one element, like olive oil, to notice health benefits. 

You need to revamp your diet overall. It’s easy to prepare Mediterranean food at home. You just have to gather the right fresh ingredients from the farmer’s market. Then, follow those recipes available online. 

However, if you’re too busy to make your meals at home, you can order Mediterranean food from Sepan Chicken. We deliver your food right at your doorstep. You may also be in the range of our free delivery. Call us to check if your location is within our free delivery limit. 


You can start to eat healthy food today. It won’t cost you a lot if you only pick the right items. You may opt for items marketed as superfoods, but they’re too expensive. 

The better option is to just go to your farmer’s market, shop for fresh fruits and vegetables, and choose lean meat and fatty fish, like salmon. 

There are a lot of options for you to choose from if you want to start a Mediterranean diet. If you’re having a hard time preparing your food at home, you should call Sepan Chicken to deliver your healthy food. 


If you wish to get started, call Sepan Chicken today and order Mediterranean food in Glendale today: (323) 669-0616. 

What are the Pros of Mediterranean Food in Los Angeles?

There are plenty of pros to eating Mediterranean food in Los Angeles. The Mediterranean diet, per se, is a healthy, nutrient-dense diet. It helps in fighting against certain cancers, diabetes, cognitive decline, and heart disease. 


Mediterranean Food in Los Angeles to Help Switch to this Diet 

If you are not sure whether you will like Mediterranean food or if you simply want to know what this type of cuisine tastes like, then try Sepan Chicken in Atwater Village. We serve Mediterranean food choices such as beef kebab, shawarma, and many others. 


Pros of Focusing on this Type of Food

There are many health benefits of following a Mediterranean diet. As mentioned earlier, this type of diet helps you in preventing heart disease. When you choose this diet, you will focus on eating fresh fruits and vegetables, moderate lean meat, and fish. It limits your intake of processed foods and too much red meat. 

The nutrients that you can gain from this diet will help you avoid your risk of suffering from muscle weakness. It’s especially beneficial if you’re an older adult. By following this diet for a long time, your signs of bone loss will be significantly reduced. 

Furthermore, it reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. When you look at our menu, you’ll only see foods that can improve cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and overall cardiovascular system. We don’t serve fatty foods. 

Mediterranean food in Los Angeles

That’s because those fatty foods in processed meat can increase your likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Instead, we focus on healthy fats. In many of our cuisines, we only use olive oil and other healthy fats because they are ideal for your health. 

Another great thing about the Mediterranean diet is that it helps you lower your risk of Parkinson’s disease. The food that we serve is rich in antioxidants. Every meal that you get from us, it is served with vegetables. 

We all know that vegetables are high in antioxidants. They can prevent cells from undergoing oxidative stress. With that in mind, it cuts your risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. 


Does It Cost a Lot

It’s a common misconception of many who are just starting a Mediterranean diet that it’s expensive, though this is not always true. The only time it becomes expensive is when you choose to buy packaged Mediterranean food. 

Here at Sepan Chicken, our prices for our meals are affordable. They won’t hurt your budget when you dine with us. Even if you order our food online, the prices are the same. 

Enjoy a Meditteranean diet with Sepan Chicken to help you feel full easily and with the right nutrients. 


Ready to Start a Mediterranean Diet? 

We can help you start this type of diet. Try our Mediterranean food in Los Angeles today. Our restaurant only serves the best Mediterranean food that is good for your heart. Call us today at (323) 669-0616. 

Have You Tried the Best Affordable Mediterranean Food in Los Angeles?

Mediterranean food is touted as one of the most delicious and healthy cuisines you can have. Many doctors are recommending it to their patients who are suffering from cardiovascular problems or are trying to lose weight. Unfortunately, finding the right ingredients can be tough. That’s why many Angelenos would choose to go to a restaurant that serves the best Mediterranean food in Los Angeles — Sepan Chicken. 

best Mediterranean food in Los Angeles

The Best Mediterranean Food in Los Angeles is Heart-Healthy 

Here at Sepan Chicken, we serve the best Mediterranean meals that are ideal for your cardiovascular’s health. The food that we serve here includes fruits, healthy fats, and whole grains. 

Our chef only uses fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices, and other healthy fat options that are rich in Omega-3. 

Although many restaurants in LA serve Mediterranean food, most of them would cost an arm and a leg. Dining in those restaurants also end up being more expensive than you planned for. 

Sepan Chicken is one of the most reasonably priced healthy restaurants in L.A. It is one of the reasons many of our customers keep on coming back to get a taste of our delicious, mouth-watering healthy meals without spending a fortune. 

We believe that opting for healthy food doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend a fortune for it. That’s why we offer our meals at a very affordable price to ensure that all Angelenos will get a taste of them without ruining their financial diet. 

Following a Mediterranean diet can be difficult if you don’t have much time to prepare your meals. The food that we serve can be ordered to-go so you can bring home a healthy meal that contains a lot of vegetables perfect for your diet. 

The Mediterranean is an ideal diet if you wish to have a healthy body and not just to lose weight. This diet is also perfect if you wish to boost your cardiovascular health and lower your chances of developing type 2 diabetes. 

When you are on this diet, you should focus on eating a lot of nuts, legumes, vegetables, whole grains, and brown fish, as well as lean meat. Beef shawarma, for instance, is an ideal Mediterranean food as it includes many vegetables. 

Furthermore, each serving of our meal here is satisfying. You can go for hours without eating because your meal lacks refined carbs, which are known to boost your cravings. 

A Meditteranean diet paired with lots of water and exercise is perfect not only for weight loss but also heart health. 

If you don’t have time to prepare your own healthy meal at home, then you can order the best Mediterranean food in Los Angeles through Sepan Chicken. Please give us a call so we can deliver it right to your doorstep:  (323) 669-0616.

Juicy Vegan Kebab When You Decide to Become Vegan

When you transition to a vegan diet, your food options may feel limited. Many of the foods that you love will be gone from your list and finding vegan alternatives might be tough at first. One of the options you can try when you choose to follow a vegan diet is our vegan kebab

Veganism is gaining popularity these days, and, as a kebab-shop in LA, we recognize this trend. We see a lot of our customers ordering our veggies and vegan options. Our restaurant is not just for meat lovers but we also cater to those who decide not to eat meat anymore for any reason. 

Vegan Kebab

The Versatility of the Vegan Kebab 

This meal is versatile and delicious. It started in the Middle East and it has spread rapidly to other parts of the world, including the US. 

Here in L.A., we are known to offer the most delicious kebab. Of course, if you have not tried our kebabs yet, you are in for a new treat! 

If you read our Yelp reviews, you’ll be dying to try our menu. Because we follow social distancing orders by the government, we offer delivery to our fellow Angelenos and free deliveries in some areas of L.A.! 

Our kebabs can be your perfect healthy go-to while you are staying at home. They are individually prepared to perfection and we ensure that one serving will fully satisfy you.

Why Add Hummus? 

Hummus is a great source of protein. If you are on a vegan diet, getting enough protein is vital and can be tough. Thankfully, there are various options that you can use to reach the recommended daily protein intake, one of them being hummus. 

Hummus is vegan because it contains just plant ingredients. It is made of boiled chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, and spices. In other words, it is 100% vegan. It has everything that you need to get the right nutrients. 

Our vegan kebab plate contains a lettuce salad, pickles, and pita bread, in addition to hummus. You may also order yogurt and cucumber as your side dish, another great source of protein with added vitamins and minerals. 

We deliver our food within 7 miles. Our estimated delivery time is up to 70 minutes because of our high demand and returning customers, but we can guarantee you that it is all worth it. 

On a Budget 

You may be worried that ordering our kebabs online will cost you too much. Fortunately, we pride ourselves on reasonable prices. Even if you dine in our restaurant when we’re able to reopen after the coronavirus ends, you will not be spending a lot of your hard-earned money just to try our tasty yet healthy meals. 

Sepan Chicken serves healthy dishes that don’t cost an arm and a leg. You will enjoy your meal without the need to worry about your budget and you won’t have any remorse or guilt after your meal. 

In our years of existence, we have always thought about our customers’ budget and health. That’s why make sure that we only serve healthy meals within the budget of an average Angeleno. 

Our food here is prepared using the freshest ingredients. The vegan kebab that you order here is guaranteed to be delicious and satiating. So, what are you waiting for? Call us today to order our tasty meals: (323) 669-0616.

Best Shish Kebab to Avoid Quarantine

Just like you, most Angelenos are practicing social distancing to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. Perhaps, you are one of those people who is now complaining about weight gain while in quarantine or even just worrying about it. If you want to avoid gaining weight, consider subbing fried foods for grilled meat, like a shish kebab

This dish is not just popular in the US but all over the world. However, it is not the easiest meal to prepare at home. 

Shish kababs are typically made of lamb, chicken, beef or vegetables if you prefer a vegetarian option. There are unlimited options when it comes to the type of beef to use. However, the best option is tasty, tender beef, which is what we offer here at Sepan Chicken. 

Shish Kebab

Shish Kebabs That Won’t Break Your Budget 

We understand that you are probably on a tight budget because of the coronavirus pandemic. That’s why we are offering affordable, yet tasty shish kebabs that you can order online. We also offer free delivery in selected locations. 

It is a healthy meal that will save you an evening of worrying about weight gain and also an evening off from cleaning the kitchen. We only offer low-fat meat options. Our meat option is always a quality, carefully selected and delicious choice, just ask our customers on Yelp!

We always make sure that we use good quality meat that comes from farms where the animals are well-treated and well-fed. They are not treated with antibiotics and other harmful chemicals. The composition is also nutritionally sound. It is high in protein and lower in carbs. If you are following a keto diet, then this kebab is a wonderful option while in quarantine. 

It’s less likely that you’ll overeat because each serving will give you full satisfaction. In that case, you will no longer be fighting that 1 hour after dinner craving. 

Your fuel levels will last longer without having to eat again as soon. This is great in today’s situation while you are staying at home. 

Top of the Line Meat 

Sepan Chicken is known in L.A. as a restaurant that serves top of the line meat dishes. The shish kebab that you can order here is grilled to perfection and we refuse to sell any meat that does not meet our expectations. 

Although the meat is already tender and tastes wonderful, we still marinade it to ensure that it is as flavorful as possible. 

Don’t allow social distancing to prevent you from getting healthy, flavorful meals. Just place an order online and we will send your shish kebab or other meal of your choice to your doorstep. 

In today’s tough time, you should be eating healthy options to fuel you rather than leave you hungry half an hour later. Instead, eating a lot of healthy food options, like kebabs and shawarma, will boost your energy and your mood while staying fuel for longer. They are healthy options because they are not fried and the meat is from humanely raised animals. As always, everything is grilled to perfection. 

Here at Sepan Chicken, we only serve delicious, healthy Mediterranean food. We make sure that you will enjoy every bite. What’s more, there is no need for you to spend a lot of your hard-earned money for this healthy meal. 

Call us today to order shish kebabs: (323) 669-0616. Or you may place your order online.