Mouth-watering Chicken Kebab and so Much More

Chicken kebab. Simply reading the words is enough to make one’s mouth water. The same goes for typing them, frankly. Here at Sepan Chicken, we have a kebab that is delicious, savory, tasty, and several other words that all mean “it’s incredible.” You can come to our location to eat it, or we can bring it to you. Essentially any gathering can be improved by bringing in our chicken dishes, whether it’s a meal or a special occasion. We keep the prices low on these healthy dishes so that everything we offer is as easy on your wallet as it is on your waistline.

Chicken Kebab

Eat at Our Place

From 10 AM to 10 PM, Monday through Sunday, you can eat at our location. You might think: “10 AM sounds a little early for chicken or beef shawarma.” Not really. It can be the perfect way to start your day: healthy proteins and plenty of vegetables can kick start your metabolism in a hurry. That’s far better than some sugary cereal. Of course, many of our customers come here for lunch. You work hard during the day, so you deserve to give yourself a treat during your break. A healthy meal here can power you through the rest of the workday in a great way.

A Dinner for Every Occasion

Whether you’re on a romantic date with your beloved, or you’re out with the family, or if you’re by yourself – there’s always a good reason to have dinner here. We have many different kinds of shawarma and kebab plates that will restore you after a long day at work. Of course, we understand that many of our customers are vegans. Just because we offer many kebab options doesn’t mean we lack options for vegans. In fact, we have many vegan options as well, so that you can eat a fantastic meal that strictly adheres to your diet. You will leave here feeling satisfied, not guilty.

Chicken Kebab Delivery

Even if you can’t physically make it to our location, you still deserve to have an incredible chicken, beef or vegan meal. That’s why we offer delivery. Our expert drivers can get your food to you in a hurry. Nothing ruins a mood or get-together faster than having to wait forever for the food to get there. When you order delivery from us, you’ll get an estimate as to when you can expect your meal.


Whether you’ve planned to have several people come to your location, or they all showed up at once, we can get you the food that you’ll need. With four different party packages available, you’ll be able to find the right choice for your gathering. The big game, a graduation party, or just a fun night (as well as every type of gathering in between) can be made better by our food. Well, if you’ve read this far, your mouth must really be watering by now. You can order at our site or by calling (323) 669-0616.

Fresh Rotisserie Chicken in Glendale CA

Fresh Rotisserie Chicken in Glendale CA

Fresh Rotisserie Chicken in Glendale CA

The most popular dish at Sepan Chicken in Glendale CA is, without a doubt, the fresh rotisserie chicken. Fresh rotisserie chicken in Glendale CA is prepared daily by the chefs at Sepan Chicken because it is delicious and in demand.

You may think that fresh rotisserie chicken in Glendale CA requires you to sit down and eat, but Sepan Chicken offers fresh rotisserie chicken in a pita bread wrap for customers on the go. If you prefer to take your time and enjoy the fresh chicken with your loved ones, get your fresh rotisserie chicken in Glendale CA in a dish.

In addition to the options of presentation, Sepan Chicken in Glendale CA also offers various chicken portions and styles. This fresh rotisserie chicken in Glendale CA can be served whole, cut in half, cut in a quarter, or simply shawarma style on a plate or a dish.
The fresh rotisserie chicken in Glendale CA would not be complete without the savory sides. The chicken plates come complete with hummus, garlic sauce, pickles, and pita bread. The chicken wrap comes with mouth watering rotisserie chicken strips wrapped in pita bread with garlic sauce, lettuce, and tomatoes.
No matter how you prefer your chicken, you can confidently walk in or call in to Sepan Chicken to get a taste of fresh rotisserie chicken in Glendale CA. If you don’t have time to leave work or your home, the fresh chicken dishes can be delivered to your door at just a call away.

The fresh rotisserie chicken in Glendale CA at Sepan Chicken is grilled fresh daily to ensure a delicious meal every time. Contact us today and get your order started!