Is Beef Shawarma Good for Keto Diet?

The ketogenic diet has become increasingly more popular. It involves eating low carb, moderate protein, and high-fat foods. If you wish to try it out, you might wonder whether or not you can still have beef shwarma and stay in a state of ketosis. 

Beef shawarma

Beef Shawarma and Keto Diet 

There are roughly 25 grams of carbs in beef shawarma. The allowed carbohydrate intake on a keto diet is up to 30 grams. In that case, you can still eat this food without ruining your diet. 

However, if you are an active person, you can consume more carbs because they are necessary for refueling. If you are living a sedentary lifestyle, then then you don’t need as many carbs. 

As you embark on the keto lifestyle, you have to limit your meat consumption. The best thing about this meal is that you won’t be left hungry after having one serving and you can still maintain a state of ketosis. 

When you choose to eat beef shawarma, you must avoid other carbs. There are also certain foods that you must not eat at all costs. These would include high carb foods like pastries, donuts, rice, pasta, and soda.

At Sepan Chicken, we serve beef shawarma that is low in carbs. Our shawarma plate, for instance, includes marinated beef shawarma strips and hummus. Indeed, hummus is high in carbs. 

That said, you can avoid dipping your beef strips to hummus. Instead, you should focus on eating the other veggies on the plate. These would include tomato, lettuce red onions, and pickles. 

Eating too many carbs on a keto diet can take you out of ketosis. Thus, if you have eaten a serving of our beef shawarma, there is no more room for carbs in your diet for one day as you almost consumed the recommended carb intake. 

But you can still increase your carb intake without ruining your goal by increasing your physical activity. In that case, after eating, you can go for a brisk walk or work out before eating. 

You can also try intermittent fasting. Many keto dieters are fasting intermittently. Beef shawarma can be a great meal that will fill your stomach adequately and help you feel full for a lot longer. You can have it as your last meal of the day and stay full until your fasting ends the next day. 

Apart from our beef shawarma plate, you can also order beef shawarma wrap. It is made of marinated beef shawarma strips. They are wrapped in pita bread with lettuce, onions, tahini sauce, and tomatoes.

Beef shawarma, per se, is still an ideal meal if you are following a ketogenic diet. 

If you don’t wish to go out to eat, you can just order it online or call us and we’ll deliver your order to your doorstep. Dial (323) 669-0616.  

Chicken Shawarma Plate and Others: Perfect Foods for Home

Have you looked around your fridge, pantry, and freezer for something to eat and can’t find anything you like? Are you tired of going through all of the foods you initially bought when the pandemic hit but now you’re tired of them? There is a solution. Here at Sepan Chicken, we’re open to our customers for curbside pickup and delivery. That means you can still get a chicken shawarma plate, chicken kebab plate, or so many others brought right to your doorstep. These are the perfect foods for when you want to eat right while staying healthy. 

Lunch for Work and Home-Schooling 

Between the schools and so many businesses shut down, more of us are stuck in our homes than ever before working. While it’s important to get everything done, you want to give yourself an occasional, well-deserved break, too. Once you’re halfway through the workday, your body needs a moment to recharge and reset. That’s what our lunch dishes can do. By that same token, your kids are going to be hungry after a few hours of homeschooling. They need to eat right to stay healthy and grow well, too. A healthy meal full of meats, veggies, and more is the perfect way for them to go through their school day. 

chicken shawarma plate

A Way to Eat Healthy 

When you would go to the supermarket to shop for food, you might have gone through the produce, trying to find the best fruits and veggies to bring home to your family. The same goes for the meat section, as you would hunt for the best cuts of chicken, beef, and more.  Unfortunately, in a lot of stores, it’s hard to find all of that great produce and meat now. You might have to get up very early in the morning when those products are in stock, if they’re in stock at all. On top of that, it takes a lot more effort to stay safe for yourself as well as your family when you go to the supermarket now. There’s one way to avoid all of these concerns: order your food from us. We’ll have delicious, healthy dishes full of meat, veggies, and more. 

Dinners of All Kinds 

If you’re like so many of us, you probably bought quite a lot of food once the pandemic turned serious. That said, it’s still worth it to celebrate a special occasion. Getting a falafel wrap or something similar is a way to mark a nice occasion, an accomplishment, something worth celebrating. That’s true even if that celebration is just: “another day with family and friends.” 

Chicken Shawarma Plate and More 

Sure, our location is called “Sepan Chicken,” but we have so much more to offer than chicken. There are plenty of beef and even vegan options available as well. Currently, we’re offering $25 off of the first order. To see a menu or to place an order, you can go to our site or call (323) 669-0616

True Chicken Shawarma Wrap for Takeout and Dine In

Nowadays, it is difficult to find true chicken shawarma wrap. But what is authentic chicken shawarma wrap? Genuine shawarma is cooked with spice-marinated meat, in this case, chicken. The shawarma is turned and cooked on the spit for several hours. It is coated in fat and its own juices. At Sepan Chicken, we follow the right way to cook true shawarma. Ergo, you only get to enjoy tasty, amazing shawarma. Our chef here combined different healthy spice blends from the Middle Eastern markets. In that way, when you taste the shawarma from us, your mouth will be more than happy and satisfied. If you need more spice, more oomph and more flavor to your plate, then come and dine with us. 

Is Chicken Shawarma Wrap a Healthy Meal?

Yes, chicken shawarma is good for your health. Of course, if you order two servings and you eat all of them in one sitting, then you are just canceling out the benefits of this food. The chicken shawarma that you can order at Sepan Chicken is good for one meal. There is no need to order another serving as one plate is enough to satisfy your palate and stomach. In that case, you will not ruin your diet. 

Shawarma is considered a Mediterranean food. It means that it is healthy when eaten in moderation. Anything that is healthy can be bad if you over-consume it. Thus, this rule also applies to shawarma. If you overeat it, then you are not getting its healthy benefits. The chicken shawarma is served with a healthy serving of vegetables. As a result, it makes one healthy meal. It is high in healthy fats and there are vegetables incorporated in the meal. 

true chicken shawarma wrap

No Time to Prepare Healthy Meals 

We deliver our true chicken shawarma wrap to various locations in Los Angeles. If you do not have time to prepare your healthy meal, you can just call us or order online and we deliver your shawarma to your doorstep. The prices for the Mediterranean foods here are reasonable, so you will enjoy the food without hurting your wallet thanks to the budget-friendly meals that you get to order at Sepan Chicken. 

Furthermore, the dishes here are homemade meals. That is, you cannot find any fattening ingredients added to your chicken shawarma wrap. The chicken is marinated with healthy spices to give you a more flavorful meal. The protein content of this wrap is enough to give you a feeling of satisfaction or satiety. And if you cannot consume it all in one sitting, you can save the rest in the fridge and reheat it before serving it again. 

Are You a Vegan? 

At Sepan Chicken, we serve vegan-friendly food options. The vegan chicken shawarma wrap is instead prepared with tomatoes, peppers and other veggies to make it a palatable, healthy meal. You may also hire us for catering. We can serve your guests healthy, Mediterranean food. To order and try tasty chicken shawarma wrap, simply call (323) 669-0616.

Chicken Shawarma Plate for a Healthy Meal

The tasty chicken shawarma plate that we serve at Sepan Chicken is relatively healthier than the takeaway food that you can order in some restaurants or fast food chains. The plate is just small enough that you do not need to worry about your calorie intake. Shawarmas are cooked using a vertical grill. A block of chicken shawarma consists of layers of healthy fats. When they are heated, they melt to give the chicken an extraordinary plate. 

Tasty Chicken Shawarma Plate Containing Less Fat

Chicken, per se, is known to be a low-fat food. It has high unsaturated fat, though, which offers benefits to your health. Eating unsaturated fat can lower your bad cholesterol while regulating your blood pressure. Of course, even though chicken shawarma is healthy, you must not eat too much of it. Ordering two plates for one sitting may not be good for your waistline. At Sepan Chicken, the serving per plate will be just enough for you because it includes high-fiber vegetables, you will feel full after eating the entire order. 

Furthermore, since it is rich in fiber and healthy fats, you will have a feeling of fullness for several hours. It means that you can last before your next meal. Since the chicken is grilled, you will still get the benefits of this food. Empty calories are not added because of how it is prepared. The plate service will just be enough to give you the right amount of nutrients. The shawarma at Sepan-Chicken is not fast food as all foods we serve here contain a high amount of nutrients. 

Apart from the healthy shawarma that you can order at Sepan-Chicken, you will also enjoy the reasonable price tag. Although we only serve healthy meals, there is no need to worry about your budget. We make sure that you are satisfied with your meal without hurting your diet and wallet. If you are worried about not having enough fiber food, don’t worry as the healthy meal we serve contains lots of healthy carbs, protein, and fats. Then, you get to enjoy some vegetables that will go along with the shawarma. That’s why you can say that the shawarma plate is a balanced meal. 

tasty chicken shawarma plate

Your Meal at Sepan Chicken

Apart from tasty chicken shawarma plate, you can also order other Mediterranean food options at Sepan-Chicken. It has been known that Mediterranean food can promote healthy gut flora. That’s why it can contribute to longevity. The food that you can order here includes lots of fruits, legumes, and olive oil. We understand that it can be challenging to follow a strict diet. However, if you need to dine out with your friends and not ruin your diet, then you should consider coming to Sepan Chicken. 

As mentioned, there is no need to ruin your budget and your diet when you dine with us. You are feeding your gut with healthy nutrients without having to spend more on your food. If you are ready to be healthy and eat only healthy fats, choose the tasty chicken shawarma plate at Sepan Chicken. For orders, please call (323) 669-0616

Beef Shawarma Can Be Your On-the-Go Meal

Beef Shawarma may be the ideal on-the-go meal. It offers a sumptuous quick treat with thinly sliced beef wrapped in pita bread. It has some veggies and sauce to give you a satisfying meal. 

Order Beef Shawarma Online 

If you are watching your diet, you may think that making this meal at home is the best way to go. However, if you do not have time to prepare, then you can just order online. 

Worried about the cost? Ordering online may be expensive for some. But, at Sepan Chicken, we make sure that our customers will not only enjoy our food but they also get to enjoy the price. Our meals are budget-friendly. 

Our dishes are like homemade meals. We do not add all kinds of fattening ingredients or anything like that. Rather, we only serve Mediterranean style food, like beef and chicken shawarma. 

The shawarma here is cooked with spice-marinated meats. No wonder it is called a life’s great pleasure. We add spice blends to give it more spice and flavor. 

Our shawarma is grilled. If you are trying to lose weight, then this dish can be the right option for you. 

We use some dark meat to ensure that the dish will taste great. This meal goes great with any sauce that you want at home. 

It boosts your protein intake. You can order a lot of servings online and save the other batches in your fridge. You can just reheat them before serving. The best thing here is that it still tastes great after several days. 

Beef Shawarma

What If You Are a Vegan? 

If you are a vegan, then this shawarma might be off the table. However, we have other options available to you. We serve vegan kebab. Although it is a vegan kebab, it does not mean that it has a blunt taste. 

Here at Sepan Chicken, we offer delicious, vegan dishes. The vegan kebab, for example, comes with tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, mushrooms and more. And if you want some sides, you can choose vegan sides, as well, that do not look like bacon or sausage. 

Want to Eat Outside 

Eating out with your family and friends can be fun. If you do not want to order online but wish to consume your shawarma in our restaurant, you can do so. At Sepan Chicken, we prepare our food using the best, freshest ingredients. 

The beef that we serve is guaranteed to be juicy and tender. If you want a tasty shawarma, come to our restaurant in Glendale.  

Beef Shawarma for Your Party 

If you are having a party at home or in your office, you may call us to serve your guests with the best Mediterranean food. We can guarantee you that they will love our shawarma and other food options that you can order from us. 

Call us today to order our tasty, healthy beef shawarma and other vegan dishes at (323) 669-0616.