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Mediterranean Food in Glendale for Your Own Longevity

We already know how delicious it is, but here’s another reason for you to eat Mediterranean food in Glendale. In a recent study, researchers found that following a Mediterranean diet could alter the microbiome of elderly people, thereby improving brain function and contributing to longevity. 

How Eating Mediterranean Food Contributes to Longevity 

This diet is said to inhibit the production of chemicals that can cause inflammation. As it inhibits those chemicals, chronic diseases can be prevented. By simply changing your diet to regulate gut microbiota, it encourages healthier aging. The bacteria in the body could play a vital role in the absorption of nutrients, affecting our immune function, energy, and metabolism. 

Chicken Kebab

Unfortunately, as we age, the number of good bacteria in the gut is reduced. But there is a way to combat it. That is, you need to eat healthy food. The Mediterranean diet includes eating a lot of fruits, nuts, legumes, and olive oil with little to no meat. Following this diet can be quite challenging because of the increasing number of fast foods serving unhealthy options. Thankfully though, you can find restaurants now that serve Mediterranean food. In Glendale, it is actually quite easy to find a restaurant that serves delicious healthy food. 


Mediterranean Food at Sepan Chicken 

This type of food can positively affect the microbiome in our gut. At Sepan Chicken, you do not have to worry about eating unhealthy food when you dine out with your friends. You just have to choose Sepan Chicken so you can continue following a Mediterranean diet, thereby, not feeling guilty after eating out. One of our best options is our chicken kebab. It is a healthy option because the chicken is not deep-fried and it includes fresh vegetables. It is served with red onions, peppers, hummus, pickles, pita bread, and lettuce salad. 


The best thing about dining with us is that there is no need to spend a lot of money just to feed your stomach with healthy food. Our chicken kebab plate, for one, is only $10.73. You may also opt for a chicken shawarma wrap or the chicken shawarma plate. Or you can just choose our hummus, which is served with garlic and garbanzo beans with Aleppo pepper. Even though the Mediterranean diet does not always include meat, you can still consume it sparingly. Ultimately, the way in which the food is prepared is what matters most. 


What’s important here is that your plate will include balance protein, fat, and carbs. At Sepan Chicken, it is more than just dieting. Rather, people come here because it has become their lifestyle to eat only healthy food. They also encourage their friends to dine with them and socialize over our healthy meals without spending a lot. People thought that when they would dine at our restaurant they would have to spend a lot of money because of the healthy options that we serve. However, they were surprised to know the price of every meal that we offer. Mediterranean food in Glendale does not have to be expensive. All you have to do is choose Sepan Chicken. For orders and reservations, please call (323) 669-0616

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