Sepan Chicken’s Mediterranean Food in Glendale is Healthy and Low Cost

Sepan Chicken is just one of the few restaurants that serve Mediterranean food in Glendale at a cheaper price. Mediterranean food, per se, is expensive if you go to some restaurants. 

It doesn’t have to be that way when you dine with us. We believe that healthy food must be offered at a more reasonable rate. After all, we want our customers to be happy and healthy. We don’t want them to feel remorse after seeing their bill. 


The Healthy Mediterranean Food in Glendale 

Typical Mediterranean food includes fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, brown rice, and other less processed products. It also includes fish, white meat, and a bit of dairy. These are the foods we serve here in our restaurant. 

The combination of these elements that bring Mediterranean food a lot of health benefits. However, the main key here is adding healthy fats. We use a lot of olive oil in our meals. This type of oil is monounsaturated fat. 

Mediterranean food in Glendale

Why You Must Try Mediterranean Food? 

It has shown to lower the risk of high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and high cholesterol. They are all risk factors for developing heart disease. Following this type of diet may help you live a longer life. And most of all, you won’t worry about your waistline. 

We make our meals as affordable as possible because we want you to be as healthy as possible. By dining in our restaurant, you will realize that eating healthy foods is okay. It doesn’t have to hurt your budget. 

Somehow, you may try to avoid unhealthy, processed foods.


Some people would have the notion to just add olive oil and other healthy oils in their diet to make them healthy, but that’s not how it works. You can’t just add one element, like olive oil, to notice health benefits. 

You need to revamp your diet overall. It’s easy to prepare Mediterranean food at home. You just have to gather the right fresh ingredients from the farmer’s market. Then, follow those recipes available online. 

However, if you’re too busy to make your meals at home, you can order Mediterranean food from Sepan Chicken. We deliver your food right at your doorstep. You may also be in the range of our free delivery. Call us to check if your location is within our free delivery limit. 


You can start to eat healthy food today. It won’t cost you a lot if you only pick the right items. You may opt for items marketed as superfoods, but they’re too expensive. 

The better option is to just go to your farmer’s market, shop for fresh fruits and vegetables, and choose lean meat and fatty fish, like salmon. 

There are a lot of options for you to choose from if you want to start a Mediterranean diet. If you’re having a hard time preparing your food at home, you should call Sepan Chicken to deliver your healthy food. 


If you wish to get started, call Sepan Chicken today and order Mediterranean food in Glendale today: (323) 669-0616. 

Is Vegan Kebab a Healthy Meal to Lose Weight?

Vegan kebab is a healthy dish and it is perfect for those who are watching their diet or losing weight. It is a Mediterranean meal so you do not have to worry about your waistline. 

A lot of you may wonder whether it is an expensive meal. Well, we cannot blame you for thinking that way considering that many restaurants serve healthy, vegan meals while charging their customers an exorbitantly high price. 

Budget-Friendly Vegan Kebab

Many of our first-time customers are surprised to see that the prices of our healthy meals at Sepan Chicken are affordable. We believe that anyone can order a healthy meal without having to spend more. 

When you order this kebab, you will only spend around $9.99. That’s for a full meal. It is a satisfying meal with rice, hummus, pickles, lettuce salad, and pita bread. Order this from other restaurants and they will probably charge you no less than $15. 

Apart from the budget-friendly meals that we serve, we also ensure that our meals are tasty. What we offer here is delicious meals for vegans and meat-eaters. 

Now, what if you do not like kebab? Well, when you browse our shop, you can find that we do not only serve these kebabs but we also serve other healthy dishes for vegans. 

You can try our vegan hummus. It is a side dish that can satisfactorily fill your stomach. We serve it with veggie oil, garlic, and garbanzo beans. We also add Aleppo pepper. You can perfect it as a snack or as a vegan side dish. 

Vegan Kebab

What is Hummus

Hummus is a popular dish in the Middle East. It is a versatile food that is rich in nutrients and high in health benefits. 

Its protein content is high enough that a 100-gram serving of hummus will give you around 8 grams of protein. If you are following a vegan diet, it can be used as your protein source, since it is a plant-based protein. Furthermore, hummus is also rich in B vitamins, phosphorus, iron, and folate. They are all essential for your vegan diet. 

Our vegan hummus at Sepan Chicken is rich in ingredients that are proven to fight inflammation. Hummus, per se, is packed with ingredients that can prevent chronic inflammation.

Apart from its high protein content, hummus is also high in fiber that aids in your digestion. Whether you choose our vegan hummus or vegan kebab, what you get is a healthy dish that will not disrupt your diet. 

Sepan Chicken serves a lot of delicious dishes that are perfect for those who are maintaining their weight or looking to lose some. It is a Mediterranean restaurant that you can visit without having to spend a lot of money. 

If you want a healthy experience while dining out, make a reservation today for our Mediterranean restaurant at Sepan Chicken and order vegan kebab or hummus. Call us at (323) 669-0616 if you wish to have it delivered to your doorstep.

Best Middle Eastern Cuisine in Glendale

Best Middle Eastern Cuisine in Glendale

Best Middle Eastern Cuisine in Glendale

Given that there are dozens of middle eastern cuisine restaurants in Glendale, it comes as no surprise the best middle eastern cuisine can be found there. If you are looking for the best middle eastern cuisine in Glendale at amazing prices, look no further than Sepan Chicken on Glendale Boulevard.

Sepan Chicken offers a wide variety of middle eastern cuisine staples such as hummus, pita bread, shawarma, kebab, and tabbouleh. The restaurant has gained notoriety in Glendale for offering fresh, healthy meals at unbelievable prices.

There is something on the menu at Sepan Chicken to satisfy all kinds of tastes. You have your choice of chicken, beef, lamb, pork, shawarma, dolma, or falafel with sides of hummus, salads, yogurt, roasted vegetables, pickles, and garlic sauce. Whether you prefer to sit down and enjoy a savory meal in a plate or take your meal with you in a succulent pita bread wrap, the best middle eastern cuisine in Glendale has got you covered.

The main specialty at Sepan Chicken is the famous rotisserie chicken, which is grilled fresh daily. Enjoy a whole chicken, half a chicken, or a quarter chicken with a side of fresh hummus, garlic sauce, crispy pickles, and warm pita bread. If rotisserie chicken isn’t your thing, the savory chicken kebab plate is another favorite, as well as the marinated chicken shawarma which can be enjoyed with sides or in a pita bread wrap.

Beef is another popular item served at Sepan Chicken. Whether you prefer the classic shish/lule kebab plate or marinated beef shawarma, you can be confident that the meat is prepared fresh daily for a healthy and hearty meal every time.

If you are vegetarian or vegan, Sepan Chicken even offers savory falafel balls as well as fresh salads that will give you the middle eastern taste without the meat. Contact Sepan Chicken today to begin experiencing the best middle eastern cuisine in Glendale!