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What You Get with the Right Vegan Kebab

Eating healthy isn’t easy. Eating vegan is even harder. With veganism, it can be difficult to find: something that’s actually vegan, something that’s actually filling, and something that actually tastes good. Finding something that’s all three of those things can feel like a miracle. That might be a little strong for what our vegan kebab is, but we’ll absolutely take the compliment. It’s just one of the many great dishes that we have available at Sepan Chicken. Yes, even though the word “Chicken” is in our name, we have some great vegan dishes. 

Vegan Kebab = Yum on a Stick 

Just because something is vegan, that doesn’t mean it lacks great taste. Here at Sepan Chicken, it’s quite the opposite. Everything we offer is delicious, and our vegan customers tell us that our vegan dishes are especially so. The kebab that’s vegan includes mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, peppers and more. Those are just a few of the incredible veggies on this kebab. You get enough of them so that the entire dish is filling, too. 

Vegan Kebab

Vegan Sides 

We understand that when you want a vegan dish, you don’t want to be given a bunch of vegan sides. So many of the vegans we serve have told us how they’re grateful for sides that are genuinely vegan, too. Too many times they would go to some other location and get vegan sides that were like, sausage, bacon, chicken and more. While we have plenty of great sides, we make sure that our vegan dishes come with vegan sides. That means that you’ll get rice, hummus, lettuce salad, pickles and pita bread as well. You can make these vegan dishes truly your own. 

Vegan for Non-Vegans 

You don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy this vegan dish. In fact, a majority of the people that eat these vegan dishes aren’t vegan in the slightest. Often, they’re just folks who want to get a healthy meal at a good price. You don’t have to be on any kind of restrictive diet for that. These dishes allow you to eat healthy while still, well, really eating. The complaints that you might hear about vegan dishes at other locations: that they’re too small, with tiny portions that leave you unfulfilled, are not concerns at Sepan Chicken. 

More than Just kebab

We know that just because you’re eating vegan or looking for a healthy dish, you might not specifically be looking for a kebab . That’s why we have plenty of other vegan dishes available, too. For example, our vegan hummus is a side that can absolutely fill you up, too. It’s served with garlic, tahini veggie oil, aleppo pepper and garbanzo beans. Perfect for a snack or a great vegan side dish. Another popular vegan option is our falafel plate. You get five scrumptious pieces of falafel. It’s perfectly acceptable to take some home with you. When you’re ready to eat healthy, eat vegan, and eat something delicious, you can order at our site or by calling .

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